Tenants of burned office building in Redding try to salvage items

May 16, 2014 10:54 PM

Tenants and disaster workers are back on Oregon Street in Redding this evening, trying to salvage what they can from a fire that swept through the building yesterday.

It's a different kind of mop-up day inside this building on 1650 Oregon Street -- a disaster service company is surveying the safety of the structure and its materials.

Thursday's fire destroyed much of the second floor, and caused heavy water damage on the first.

“It's the structural part that we're concerned with...there's some burned beams and roofing structures that we don't want falling on people.”

We caught up with one attorney who lost everything in his office.

“Basically all my files...all my furniture...everything inside was destroyed...it's a speed bump...it's part of life, things like this happen...you move on.”

One of the main concerns after firefighters mopped up the scene here yesterday is the level of asbestos in the building.

“First indication is most of the materials that we're dealing with here, don't seem like they're going to have any. “

If the sample test taken today comes back negative, a costly, specialized abatement team will no longer be needed.

“I'm confident everything will work out in the end...and nobody was hurt…and that's the most important part.”

Another attorney in the building said the owner might have plans to relocate all the offices to a vacant building across the street.


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