Temperatures peak to almost 100 degrees in Redding

Jun 30, 2014 7:52 PM

We are one week into summer and already seeing record-high temperatures.
It was a scorching 108-degrees in Redding today, and for a lot of people, that means doing anything to stay cool.

Families around Shasta County came to Fantasy Fountain today, hoping to cool off.

"this is our refuge...in the hot weather, this is it."

It's been a daily routine for the Phillips family of Anderson, who used the fountain every day last year to stay hydrated and refreshed.

"it's free and it's fun and it's safe."

Temperatures soared to 100 degrees by noon - dozens of children flocked to the fountain to drown the heat out.

"my favorite part is that orange bucket that dumps water on you...the water fountain...and the water volcano."

Meanwhile, Mount Shasta Mall was another cooling outlet for those who dread the heat -- Orange Julius Assistant Manager Erin says Mondays aren't too busy for her stand, but the summer heat brings more people wanting to quench their thirst.

"I had 10 to 15 customers this morning...lunch time it'll pick up."

She says it's the cool, frothy drinks that are in demand in this kind of weather.

"the Original Orange Julius and Strawberry Smoothie are the most popular flavors..."

The Shasta County Public Health Department advises wearing light clothing and sunscreen in high heat -- and most importantly -- to stay well-hydrated and cool indoors.


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