Tehama District Fair

Sep 24, 2010 6:03 PM

There are new attractions at the Tehama District Fair this year, but there are the old standbys' too. Things like corn dogs and the ferris wheel, and of course all the animals.

More than 750 6th graders had a chance to see them before the gates officially opened Thusday. It's part of the 7th annual "Education Fair Day"

Education Day Coordinator, Shelley MacDonald says"It definitely is a community effort and it's awesome the people in this community that step up to make this day a success." People like the 26 different community organizations and 145 volunteers that helped sponsor this years event.

Activities for the students range from subjects like local agriculture and earth science, to the importance of staying in school. The most popular exhibit voted by students was the new shark exhibit. Which is brand new to the fair this year.

Shelley says, "We've been able to take the carnival and turn it into an educational experience." Which is what all the students would agree is the "best school day ever". Dustin, a 6th grader says, "It was fun about the magic and going to all the booths. Going on the rides was the most fun."


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