Tehama County Sheriff's Office hosts active shooter training

Jun 10, 2015 6:14 PM

Lassen View Elementary in Dairyville was turned into a training ground for law enforcement Wednesday. For the first time ever the Tehama County Sheriff's Office staged an active shooter scenario on the campus. The sheriff's office, Cal Fire, and 18 other agencies worked together to respond to a "Columbine" situation. Adults and students donated their time as victims to make the situation as real as possible. Lieutenant Yvette Bordon says its important for places like Tehama County to be ready because resources are limited in rural areas.

"It is not like in the middle of a big city where we can have 14 different police agencies show up, we have very limited resources and we need to know how to work together." says Bordon.

At the end of the day all who participated were evaluated so they can learn from mistakes. Bordon says the sheriff's office fronted the bill for the event with help from grants.


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