Tehama County Officers Hold School Drill

Apr 8, 2013 7:11 PM

Tehama County law enforcement agencies came together Monday to train for the worst-case scenario a school shooting.
Almost every law enforcement agency in the county had officers at Red Bluff High School for an active shooter training scenario.
The officers used simulated rounds and practiced tracking down a gunman on campus with information relayed to them by teachers and school staff.
Unlike many training scenarios, those involved were patrol officers who are not part of the swat team... Which organizers say wouldn't have time to organize during a school shooting.
"In an active shooter situation, time is not on our side. Our personnel have to arrive on scene and they have to address it," Red Bluff Police Capt. Kyle Sanders said.
Students were not on campus during the drill, because today was a teacher's in-service day.


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