Tehama County Landfill Goes Green...

Feb 16, 2011 7:56 PM

"To be able to encourage businesses, improve the local economy and divert waste is a win/win for Tehama County" said Kristina Miller, Tehama County Landfill Agency Manager. The Tehama County Landfill Management Agency is working in many ways to go green. On top of its regular recycling programs, its also now recycling many other products like tires, batteries, mattresses and even styrofoam. "This closes the loop on things that can be recycled out of the landfill." Said Bob Harlan, Greenfreak marketing director.
Greenfreak, a Yuba City based company is turning styrofoam into custom bobble-head cake toppers, skateboard decks, hygienic baths, and professional tool sets, creating useful products while saving the environment. " By taking it out were saving landfill space and by reprocessing into useful products we're putting people to work and providing green products for the consuming public" said Harlan.
On February 15th, the landfill agency began a one month study to see how much polystyrene or styrofoam is collected locally. If enough is collected the green organization may qualify for a grant from the cal-recycled market development zone program, which could help pave the way for a new manufacturing site. Because if this new program, 22 tons of material that would've been landfill will now be turned into green products.
If the Tehama County Landfill is awarded the grant, the cal-recycle program will offer low-interest loans as low as 4% and other tools to give incentives to businesses that divert waste from landfills, creating a green cycle in california. "All of these recyclable materials.. We will then have to create markets for those materials to become new products or else the cycle ends" said Miller.


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