Tehama County Court allegedly hacked by former employee

Jul 24, 2015 6:13 PM by News Staff

Tehama County Court officials say their computer and telephone systems were hacked by a former employee just days after he was fired.

The county was first alerted to suspicious computer and phone activity in early June, and hired AT&T to investigate.

To aid AT&T’s inquiry, the county asked IT Director Mark Montalvo to provide investigators with the county’s administrative passwords, but he repeatedly gave them inaccurate passwords. Montalvo was fired June 26.

On July 3, somebody logged onto the county’s administrator account and deleted hard drives containing invaluable information. In the days following the breach, the court’s case management system, telephones, email, jury summons, and website were inoperable.

The court has obtained a restraining order against Montalvo and ordered the immediate return of the court’s critical passwords.

Officials say the hack has not delayed or caused the dismissal of any court cases, and the phones are now functional. Further restoration efforts are ongoing.


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