Tehama County Brace for More Rain, Flooding

Dec 6, 2014 10:26 PM by Pedro Quintana

Many areas of Tehama County are still cleaning up from last Wednesday's storm and now they're looking ahead to more wet weather headed our way next week.
Residents from the Red Bluff area have been visiting the local library throughout today as they are preparing for the next big storm, which is expected to arrive on Thursday.
The recent flash flood has many residents in Tehama County on high alert.
Paynes Creek resident Brenda Heard traveled 23 miles to the library to load her truck with sandbags as she is preparing for more flooding next week.
Right not we're getting sandbags that all we can do. I don't know what else to do by myself, I try to get help from everybody yesterday and they know the storm is coming.
She say the last big storm caused the Paynes Creek levee to give way flooding an entire community.
Heard says public works officials have not told her or anyone on how they plan to repair the levee before the next rain.
"We have no help, no sandbags, no nothing," Heard said.
Heard hopes these sandbags will be enough to protect her property from the brunt of whatever mother nature throws her way in the coming days.
"The flood we can handle as a community but that levee we can't and whoever put that levee is responsible for that," She said.
Tehama County Sheriff's Office including state officials met with the board of supervisors to go over recent flooding. County officials have not declared a local state of emergency but once they fully assess the damage, which will be something they will consider.


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