Tehama County Board of Supervisors approve poultry farm regulations

Jan 6, 2015 7:21 PM by Charlene Cheng

In the last three months, the Tehama County Planning Department saw an influx of poultry farm applications by large scale operations considering a move.

In response, the Board of Supervisors passed an emergency ordinance that would temporarily require a use-permit for such facilities after determining that the county actually had no regulations in place for poultry operations, let alone, a permit process.

Director of Planning Sean Moore speculates that with Proposition 2 coming into effect with stringent laws on how animals can be housed, farmers in other areas caught wind that Tehama County didn't have existing regulations on new buildings.

Michael Vasey is the president of the Tehama County Farm Bureau, and a local farmer himself.

He says that the Bureau agrees that large facilities should be regulated, but didn't want the new ordinance to affect small scale farmers, which the supervisors were in agreement of.

"What we learned from the input from the poultry farmers is that 500 chickens is not that many, and to be considered larger scale, the number should be more like 3000," Vasey said.

As for Proposition 2, farmers are still adjusting to how the new law will affect them.

"The California Farm Bureau was not in favor of the law, we thought it was better left in the hands of the farmers to treat their animals humanely. But that was the desire of the people, so now we're working with the state to determine how that law's implemented," Vasey said.


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