Teen Prescription Drug Abuse Meeting

Feb 23, 2010 7:39 PM

Ask any teenager and most of them will say they know someone who has abused prescription drugs. "I hear about people going to parties and doing vicodin and other drugs like that," Pleasant Valley High School student Jason Novak said.

Access to the drugs is not a problem. Student Gary Nystuen says it is really easy to get. "I know someone's grandma who is allergic to vicodin, for instance, and she gets a full prescription of it and all she has to do is go over there and take it."

According to the Butte County Sheriff's Crime Prevention Unit, one in five teens has abused prescription drugs and they are doing it for different reasons. "Just to have a good time and make them cool in front of their friends," Novak explained.

Others do it because they think it is safer than illegal drugs. Paula Felipe from the Butte County Sheriff's Crime Prevention Unit wants to clear up that misconception. "Prescription drugs are every bit as dangerous and teens can overdose and it can cause all kinds of damage, it can cause brain damage and death."

Nausea, excessive sweating and dizziness are just some symptoms of addiction. "Doing poorly in school, or acting out, becoming more violent or aggravated, more irritable, there's a lot of different warning signs," Felipe stated.

Other teens have a warning for those thinking about becoming part of the trend. "It can't be healthy, it's meant for people that are hurt or broke a bone then it shouldn't be used by people that are fine," student Nathaniel Thompson said.

A free seminar on "Teenagers and Prescription Drug Abuse" was held Tuesday night at seven at the Pleasant Valley High School library.


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