Teen Hailed as Hero in Accident

Jul 25, 2013 7:25 PM

A Los Molinos teen is being called a hero for his actions during Wednesday's fatal accident on Highway 99.
"This kid is a hero. He'll be a hero again in his life," Waldo Buscall said in reference to 14-year-old Forrest Williamson.
Neighbors say 14-year-old Forrest Williamson didn't hesitate to race towards the burning car in the moments following the accident on Highway 99 near Sherman Street south of Los Molinos.
The teen reportedly pulled five-year-old Gunner Langenderfer from the burning car, then went back to help get his mother out.
The five-year-old died at the scene, but despite the outcome neighbors are still calling Williamson a hero; even if the 14-year-old doesn't agree.
"I don't think of myself as a hero, because the young boy died," Williamson said.
A memorial fund has also been set up for the family of the five-year-old.
Donations can be made to the "Gunner Langenderfer Memorial Fund" at the Red Bluff or Redding branches of Cornerstone Community Bank.


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