Teen Admits to Murder Father in Morning Attack

Apr 4, 2013 11:47 AM

A Redding father of five is dead tonight after being stabbed to death by his own son. It's left a family stunned and investigators asking why?

Police don't know what caused the teen to attack his father this morning but they say he has already admitted to the murder.

Just before seven Thursday morning, violence broke out at a home on Farm House Lane

“When the officer arrived on the scene, they found a male victim who had been stabbed multiple times and ultimately located a suspect nearby,” said Lt. Jeff Wallace of the Redding Police Department.

The victim was 41-year-old Andre Luera and the suspect, his 17-year-old son. It appears an argument started inside, where Luera was stabbed several times.

“It appears that there was a disturbance inside the house and it did in-fact come out into the front yard and into the street area at some point,” said Wallace.

Family members say after trying to flee from his attacker, Luera collapsed and died.

With-in just seconds of arriving on scene, police already had their suspect in custody.

“We don’t know what his intentions were, we know the outcome, we have interviewed the suspect and he has in-fact confessed to this crime,” said Wallace.

Because he is a minor, the police has decided not to release the suspects name. But the D.A.'s office will likely charge the teen as an adult, for this very adult crime.

“At this point we have booked the suspect into juvenile hall for one count of murder, there may be enhancements charged by the district attorney’s office,” said Wallace.

Family members reacted Thursday, stunned by the news they said they could not believe what happened. Just four days ago, they had gathered to celebrate Easter. Their next gatherings could be a funeral and an arraignment.

Family members say the suspect was normally a respectful child, but they suspect he may have been on drugs when he committed the murder.


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