Technology camp inspires girls

Jul 2, 2014 7:34 PM by Charlene Cheng

Drawing circuits, sewing electronics, and programming computers... this isn't your typical summer camp.

"We did LED lights, we did 3d printing, we got to choose a design and then we got to print them," said camper Kylie Walsh.

This is the 'All Girls Summer Maker Camp,' a technology camp designed to integrate any interests a girl might have.

"Right now it's a best time for girls to jump into technology, because there's so much they can do in the fashion industry, in jewelry, in e-wearables," said founder Faye Hall.

The focus of the camp is to enhance the girls' hobbies with technology.

One of the projects they've been working on is a robot that they've programmed and built themselves.

"I like them because you have to program them on a computer to get them to do all the things that you want them to do," Eliana Anderson said.

Hall is a former silicon valley software engineer who founded 'Build It,' a learning center devoted to introducing kids to technology.

She was inspired by the lack of females in her workplace to start a camp just for girls.

"I wanted to have other girls see it's actually really fun and not to be intimidated to see it's all guys. Once you get into it, there's so much fun things you can do, why let the boys have all the fun?" Hall said.

For some campers, a change in attitude is all it takes.

"When we first started with the LEDs or the computer programming I was like, 'Oh my God, math, I can't do it,' but if you just keep trying you find out you can do it then it's super fun," Micayla Whitmer said.

Build It will continue to host summer camps until mid-August.

Next week will be a co-ed technology camp for kids 8 and older.

Campers will get to work on projects like making stop-motion films, mixing music, and using the 3D printer.


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