"Team Chico" wins award at California League of Cities Conference in LA

Sep 4, 2014 4:56 PM by Brian Johnson

Team Chico can chalk one up for a win, as the city wins a prestigious award in Los Angeles today.

City Manager Mark Orme said the Helen Putnam award for community services and economic development was actually announced last night during the annual California League of Cities, but was handed over to city leaders today.

Orme said Team Chico has been a collaborative city effort to help develop Chico's economic future in a positive way.
He said this award recognizes both its concept and implementation.

"When you're recognized on a state level for an innovative program of work that's actually achieving success, this is truly a celebration that we can all look at and say thank you, that we're proud of," said Orme. "So it's an absolutely great achievement."

Orme said he expects the League of Cities will officially present the award at a future Chico city council meeting.


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