Talent Show Website

Jul 25, 2011 3:09 PM

Reality talent shows like America's Got Talent keep millions glued to their television sets, watching as the show helps one lucky contestant rise to fame. But now there's a new website that's hoping to do the same. " I'm a huge ideas person, I love to dream big and I thought why not create a platform where other people who like to dream big can maybe actually get there", said Rob Erich.
That's why 23-year old Paradise resident Rob Erich created Stageoff.com. The online talent show website gives the musically gifted a place to post music and videos. The site allows artists to chat and relay feedback to one and other, and perhaps one day get discovered. " It's a site where musicians can connect with each other, they can give each other suggestions on how to improve and kind of critique each other", said Erich.
The website is free to anyone. Artists can post as many videos as they want, and can also enter into small contests where fellow artists will vote for a winner. " They're enjoying the site, they're thinking it's an awesome idea and they're getting excited about what's going on", explained Erich.
Erich has also launched a campaign to create a commercial he hopes will air during the super bowl, and he plans on having one lucky musician from Stage-off be the main attraction. " Anyone who wants can pledge as little as 4 dollars to be part of the super bowl commercial and if you do that you'll actually end up getting your photo in the super bowl commercial", said Erich.
Erich is still in the planning stages for the commercial, but is hoping to raise enough funds to make it happen. As for Stageoff.come, he's just wants to make a difference. " I mean to say that I helped make someone famous essentially, would be a great achievement", explained Erich.


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