Taco Bell speeding excuse a new one for law enforcement

Aug 13, 2015 3:55 PM by News Staff

Among all of the excuses for speeding driver's have offered to law officers over the years, this latest one out of Glenn County might top the list.

After hanging out with friends at Black Butte Lake on Tuesday, 33-year-old Gregory Higginbotham apparently had a hankering for Taco Bell. One problem, he needed to get the Orland Taco Bell before 11 p.m. closing time and he didn't have a lot of time to spare. So he stepped on it.

But when he passed a Glenn County Sheriff Patrol unit doing 80 miles an hour in a 55 mph zone, his quest was about to end. After a few miles of chasing Higginbotham, who reportedly took a while before pulling over, the deputy stopped, got out of his car and asked Higginbotham why he was in such a hurry.

"Yes, I told him I was trying to get to Taco Bell before it closed," Higginbotham told Action News Now over the phone.

But that explanation didn't fly with the deputy who cited Higginbotham before impounding his car. For the record, Action News Now earlier reported that Higginbotham was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving. That was incorrect.

But the Glenn County Sheriff's Office did confirm that he was cited for speeding and driving on a suspended license connected to two prior DUI convictions with the last one occurring five years ago.

"I was not drinking and driving," he said.

Furthermore, the Sheriff's Office did note that Tuesday's incident was fifth time Higginbotham was cited for driving on a suspended license.

We asked Higginbotham if he finally learned his lesson about not driving with a suspended license.

"Maybe?," he said, adding that he thinks he's going to soon be able to get a restricted driver's license so he can drive to and from work.

We also asked him what his favorite item was as Taco Bell.

"I like their slushies," Higginbotham revealed. "I don't really eat a lot of fast food, but I was going for a slushie that night."


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