T.J. Memorial Butte County Toy Run

Dec 4, 2011 7:48 PM

Revving engines, leather jackets, and soft cuddly stuffed animals were the scene in Chico Saturday morning, as more than 500 motorcyclists gathered for the 24th annual T.J. Memorial Butte County Toy Run. Paradise Calvary Chapel Pastor Dave Sweet says, "The bikes we have in common. Loving to ride, and caring about the community."

Since 1987, bikers have gathered together, bringing toys of all sorts to foster children in Butte County. And every year, about 600 children benefit from the run. Friends Pam, Tina, and Sandy from Paradise say, "It's just really great to see every body's bike out supporting the kids."

The ride starts in Chico and ends at the Calvary Chapel in Paradise. All who participate say, it's not only a great cause to support, but it also ends up being a great ride and lots of fun. "I try to come every year. I try to support the toy runs. It's a good fundraiser for the community," Redding biker Mark Gunlogson says.

And Pastor Dave says it makes the holiday season extra special for each child who receives a gift. "It's a way to touch people and bring a few moments of hope to a child."

If you would like to donate a toy, there is still time. Just drop one off at the Calvary Chapel in Paradise any time this coming week. The toys will be distributed next Saturday, December 10th.


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