Swimmer questions safety of Sycamore pool

Jul 8, 2015 9:40 PM

Sycamore pool swimmers are buzzing after a recent blog post questions the cleanliness of the One-Mile pool.

Lin Jensen of Chico says he swims the pool 4-5 times per week and has done so for the last 19 years. He blames the pool conditions for his eye and leg infection.

We spoke to city officials who say the pool is tested for fecal coliform weekly. The latest test results say the pool is safe to swim in.

City of Chico Public Works officials told us by phone that this is their only report of skin irritation or infection at the pool.

They say when water levels were higher, the pool was cleaned every week; because of drought conditions minimizing flow it has been reduced to once every other week. The pool is also monitored and tested by a third party lab weekly for contamination and excessive cloudiness.


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