Swedes Firefighters Watch Weather Closely

Aug 18, 2013 7:17 PM

Firefighters are dealing with unpredictable wind patterns tonight. More resources came in from Marin County, Grass Valley, Redding and other parts of California today. We’re learning they moved the date back to when they think they'll get a containment line around the Swedes fire to Wednesday. They had previously expected the fire to be contained by late Monday or early Tuesday. Overnight the Swedes fire blazed onto an estimated 1,850 acres. CalFire worked hard last night to contain more of the burning flames. Captain McLean says they're still dealing with erratic wind patterns. He says winds are predicted to come out of the south. They're also dealing with a possible forecast that includes lightning. Earlier Sunday, the fire activity spread to the Forbestown Road and Hurleton Swedes flat area. Captain McLean stresses the importance of having a plan to evacuate when orders are placed. Day and night you'll find firefighters from all over California at the base camp at Silver Dollar Fairgrounds.


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