Swedes Fire Evacuations

Aug 17, 2013 10:48 PM

The fire is affecting many lives today in the North State area. People are being woken up by authorities in the middle of the night and told to evacuate. Some people are also seeking temporary shelter, as they wonder if they’ll have a place to go home to.
Lindsay Antonsen and her boyfriend were two of the people evacuated from their home. As the fire grew closer to their house, they were told to evacuate immediately. Around 9 p.m. she says she and her boyfriend desperately gathered all of their belongings.
She says she had a clear sight of the fire and instantly began to panic. Flames began to grow rapidly and they were getting closer by the minute. Antonsen and her boyfriend packed 2 full cars with their most prized possessions.
They followed their neighbors to the Lakeside Market where they camped out with an R.V. This is the first house the couple bought together nearly four years ago. The couple has been camped out overnight anxiously waiting for any information on the status of their home. Like many others, Antonsen is still in complete shock that something like this could be happening.


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