Suzy's Law Award

May 10, 2011 6:47 PM

Suzy Gonzales was 19 years old when she took her own life in 2003. Her parents Mike and Mary Gonzales of Red Bluff say she was a bubbly, outgoing girl with a bright future ahead of her. They also say she would still be alive today if not for an online website she'd logged onto months before that convinced her she should commit suicide and taught her how to do it. " She basically followed cookbook instructions how to do this, from hiding her depression from us, to writing her suicide note, the predator even proofread her suicide note to make sure nobody would stop her", said Suzy's father Mike Gonzales.
Eight years later, the Gonzales' are still grieving, but they've turned their grief into determination, trying to keep others from falling victim to an online predator. In 2007 congressman Wally Herger introduced a bill they helped author, Suzy's Law. " That would make it a federal crime for someone to use the internet to promote or advocate and encourage other to take their own life", Gonzales said.
The bill has not yet been adopted by congress but is up for consideration again this year. The Gonzales' also helped launch the first Out Of The Darkness walk in Chico last October, and are being honored in New York City by the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention with the survivor life saver award. " It's bringing more to the public consciousness of this growing problem", explained Gonzales.
The award is a great honor for the Gonzales', but they say they won't stop until Suzy's Law is passed and online predators are stopped. " Suicide is not the answer, it's very preventable", explained Gonzales.


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