Sutter Double Homicide

Aug 2, 2010 7:58 PM

"It developed a lot of information and yesterday it developed into sufficient evidence, which we believe proved that Joseph Simlick did murder Jack and Susan Martin."

Sutter County Sheriff officials say after thorough investigation, 21 year-old Joseph Simlick is behind bars for allegedly murdering Jack and Susan Martin. The couple has positively been identified. They were found dead in their charred home in Sutter Friday morning. Simlick was arrested early Saturday at his home in Loomis. He was initally booked on burglary and false imprisonment charges. Captain McElfresh says the reason for the double homicide is still not clear. "We're not positive on the motive yet. We do know he is an ex-boyfriend of one of the daughters; that may have been a motive but we're not 100% sure yet."

Officials say the younger of the Martins' two daughters was dating Simlick and had recently broke up with him. Simlick's relatives refused to comment to Action News.

Officials have still not confirmed the cause of the fire. It happened Friday morning at 12:45 at this home on Mulberry Street. Investigators have also not revealved how the Martins died, and say they have a lot more to look into. "It's not the end, we have volumes and volumes of evidence to go through and we have many more interviews to do," Captain McElfresh stated.

Simlick has been booked into the Sutter County jail on two counts of murder, burglary and false imprisonment. Simlick is being held without bail and will be arraigned Tuesday afternoon.


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