Sutter Air Rifle Team Targets Third Straight National Title

Jun 18, 2014 8:16 PM

A local high school team is working to win a third straight national championship in an unusual sport.

The air rifle team from Sutter High in Sutter County continued its training this week by taking aim at targets at the Twin City's Rod and Gun Club in Yuba City.

"It's a lot harder than it looks to have all the focus and all the control, you have to have a certain talent," said Emily Capaul, a member of the air rifle team.

Most of the kids got their start at a young age in 4-H and over time they've perfected their skills.

From 33 feet, Justin Nissen hit each target on the bulls-eye, which is a perfect score.

Practice makes perfect, the old saying goes, and head coach Allen Jaynes says as well as the boys shoot, the girls do even better.

"My program is 90 percent girls believe it or not," said Jaynes. "The boys try but this is a hard sport. It's a tough business to try and keep a teenager still for three hours.

A tough business but this team has become the best. They've won nine straight state titles and two consecutive national championships. Their sights are set on a three-peat.

"This is mainly an East Coast dominated sport," said Nissen. "Two years in a row West Coast teams have taken the championship and you can tell that irks most people, but it's great to stand on the podium."

The team is heading to Camp Perry, Ohio for the national championships on June 26th.

At nationals, they'll fire 20 rounds in 20 minutes from the ground, on their knees, and standing.

In a sport that takes discipline and dedication, these sharpshooters are determined to make it three titles in a row.

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