Suspicious envelope investigation in Red Bluff called off, just legal papers

Mar 26, 2014 4:49 PM

Authorities called off an investigation into a suspicious package in Red Bluff around noon today.

A maintenance worker for Tehama County's old historic courthouse noticed the package as he passed by the front doors of the building around 7:30 this morning.

He alerted a bailiff on duty, who then deemed the unmarked, large manila envelope suspicious.

The Tehama County Sheriff's Office responded to reports of the suspicious package shortly after that.

And shortly after that, they made the call to evacuate the building as courthouse workers began to arrive.

They then contacted the Shasta County Bomb Squad for a mutual assist, who showed up around 8:00 am.

The bomb squad worked for the next four hours to determine what was inside.

“They’ve done some x-rays and they've determined after looking at the x-rays that it was nothing more than mail… legal type mail, that had been left through the front doors of the courthouse,” Tehama County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Yvette Borden said. “When it was looked at, it was a manila folder that was sealed with no markings on it, no postmark, [and] not even a name that could be seen of who it could be for-just a blank envelope that was sealed.”

Anyone with a court appearance in building one had it in building three during this time.

The clerk and recorder office was moved to the courthouse annex next door, but everyone moved back to building one after the all clear was given.

There is no word on who or where these legal documents came from.


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