Suspects of Paradise Burglary Caught on Tape

Aug 29, 2013 7:25 PM

A Paradise home was targeted by burglars who got away with thousands of dollars worth of property and it was all caught on tape. The victims shared the video with us today in hopes that someone will recognize them.
The home owner did not want to be identified but we did speak with his girlfriend. She says they both feel extremely violated.
The home is located on Country Club Drive in Paradise. Maravic Jaks arrived at her boyfriend's house to find everything inside had been completely ransacked.
More than five thousand dollars worth of belongings were stolen, including an irreplaceable 15 hundred dollar antique shotgun from 1918.
The homeowner was gone during the time of the robbery, but surveillance video shows the suspects casing the outside of the home before they got in.
Jaks and her boyfriend contacted Paradise Police immediately. Investigators say the case is still an active criminal investigation and there are leads that they're still following up on. The surveillance video shows there were three suspects total, one female and two males.
Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the paradise police department.###


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