Suspects in gun club burglary arrested

Jun 25, 2015 7:59 PM by News Staff

Two men were arrested in Tehama County on charges related to the burglary of a Tehama County Gun Club.

Daniel Gridley, 20, and Cody Shira, 18, are accused of stealing more than 38 cases of 12 gauge shotgun shells and other items during a June 6 break-in.

The men were arrested Wednesday after allegedly selling some of the shells to Discreet Defense in Red Bluff after the owner called police to report that his employees may have unknowingly purchased the stolen shells.

While selling the shells, Gridley and Hira allegedly told store employees the items had belonged to their grandfather who passed away.

Both men have confessed to alleged theft and most of the stolen property has been recovered, according to the Tehama County Sheriff's Office.


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