Suspects arrested after armed robbery, shots fired in Chico

Jan 19, 2015 11:07 AM by News Staff

Two men were arrested early Monday morning following an armed robbery and reports of shots fired outside of Riley's Bar and Grill in Chico.

Chico Police say 21-year-olds Christopher James Sylva and Forrest Bryce Boughton were involved in an armed robbery behind the bar around midnight. One of the suspects held a 30-year-old man at gunpoint and demanded his wallet. The victim knocked the gun out of the suspects hand and then fled into Riley's for help. The suspect allegedly followed him and fired shots into the air.

Following the robbery and shooting the suspects got into a car and fled the scene.

Police located the suspects moments later near West 2nd Street and Ivy Street, where they were involved in an argument with pedestrians. One of the suspects then reportedly fired two more rounds.

Officers attempted to stop the vehicle and a pursuit began through the south campus area, then into downtown. During the pursuit the passenger, identified as Sylva, fell out of the vehicle.

The driver, Boughton, continued into the Chapmantown area and was stopped at the end of Cleveland Street at 20th Street Park where he was eventually taken into custody. Officers found two handguns in the vehicle, one of which was stolen from Los Angeles.


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