Supervisors Call For A Dry River On Labor Day Weekend

Apr 17, 2013 7:55 PM

It's one of the largest, and longest running traditions the North State has to offer, but according to supervisors from Glenn County, like Leigh McDaniel, say the Labor Day float on the Sacramento River has become more trouble than it's worth. "These people go out there, and they're enjoying themselves, but what they're really doing is causing quite a disruption to the community around them."

That disruption, paired with the loss of floater Brett Olsen at last years event led Glenn County Supervisors to do something they'd never done before; ban the use of alcohol on the river during the holiday weekend. "The biggest issue was about personal rights, and freedoms on the river," according to McDaniel. "We did pass this with a three,two vote."

The ban will be in place from the Irvine Finch Boat Launch, to Scotty's Landing, and will be in effect from Friday to Monday over the Labor Day weekend. Those most affected by the ban are Chico State students, like Kristiana Palmer, who told Action News the supervisors made the right call. "It's been wild, and crazy. I think it's a good thing that they are banning alcohol, especially after what happened last season." Fellow student, Ivan Limbe added "people might be upset, but in the long run they'll be saving our lives, and parents at home, they don't have to worry about their kids drowning on Labor Day weekend."

While the overwhelming majority of students we spoke with were on board with the ban, some say enforcing the rule will be no easy task. "Labor Day is a long time tradition here, and even if they don't bring it there, they're gonna get drunk before, and go out there. Sneak stuff in back packs. There's just too many people," according to Chico State student Alex Gaugler.

Supervisors only issued the ban for one year, so they can review the impacts the ban has, and use that information to make a decision about the future of the float.


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