Superintendent creates school safety app

Sep 5, 2014 1:21 AM by Vanessa Vasconcelos

Tragedies like the Columbine and Sandy Hook shootings are chilling reminders that the unthinkable can happen at a moment's notice. While schools nationwide prepare for a range of potential emergencies, it's apparent that time is crucial.
William McCoy has served as superintendent of the Red Bluff Union Elementary School District for the last 6 years. With a love for his career and his students, he's come up with an idea to improve their safety.
Because timing is so crucial in emergency situations, McCoy decided an app would improve response times.
The app is designed in a way that if there were a campus emergency, teachers would be notified on their cell phones. Its called "all clear." In case of emergency, an administrator sends an alert to the teachers on campus. After checking in with their location, they can give a status of red (immediate danger), yellow (there are missing or extra students), or green (all clear).
The locations then get placed on a school map and the information gets sent to police and other emergency responders.
McCoy along with the developers have created a crowdfunding site to make this vision a reality. To donate you can click here. Once the goal amount is achieved it'll take 7 months to develop the program. The goal is to launch by this Spring.


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