Super Bowl Means Super Business For Local Eateries

Jan 31, 2013 8:08 PM

It's the game that represents the culmination of a season of hard work, but it also represents one of the busiest weeks of the year for the food industry. It's estimated that no less than $55 million will be spent on food for the Super Bowl, and local business's, like S&S Produce, are being blitzed with customers. "We've been seeing increased sales on baby back ribs, got country ribs on sale this week. They seem to be moving pretty good," according to S&S Meat Manager Adam Thomas.

The Butcher Shop at S&S sees a jump in sales during Super Bowl week every year, and with a reported shortage of chicken wings, they're ready for the hot item to fly right off the shelves. Thomas says "chicken is huge, chicken legs, chicken wings of course. In fact, prices have gone up over the last few weeks." It's projected that more than 125 million chicken wings will be sold for the big game.

One of the other hottest items of the weekend, pizza. "Super Bowl is always in our top three days of the year, and with the niners, it could be our busiest day of the year," according to Woodstocks Pizza General Manager Jeff Davis. The weekend is so busy, that the restaurant nearly doubles their staffing. "We staff up heavy. We'll probably add seven, or eight, ten, maybe ten more people than our usual Sunday." Davis expects a boost of around 30% to 40% over the weekend.

But it's not just traditional pizza places that stay busy. For take and bake operations like Papa Murphy's in Chico, it's all hands on deck. "Everybody works on Super Bowl," According to Papa Murphy's Manager Becky Dawson. "We have to make sure all of our orders are put in, and kinda built up for that day, and just be prepared for lots, and lots of customers." And lots and lots of ingredients. Papa Murphy's representatives estimate the company will use nearly 16,000 gallons of sauce, more than seven million slices of pepperoni, 119 tons of shredded mozzerella, and more than 400,000 dough balls nationwide Super Bowl Weekend.

Although it's the 49ers playing the Ravens on Sunday, business owners we spoke with say the real winner is the food industry.


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