Sunset Magazine Features Tin Roof Bakery

Oct 19, 2010 8:05 PM

Tin Roof Bakery has only been in business a little more than a year, and they are already being recognized nationally for their creative pastries. Staff from sunset magazine showed up to the downtown Chico business today to photograph some of the bakery's fall food items for an upcoming article featuring Tin Roof. "Tin Roof made the list because it's known for really unique pastries, particularly seasonal stuff. Like it's ghost cookies and it's pumpkin cookies and there's some really great berry custards that we photographed.", said David Fenton. The owner of Tin Roof, Brandon Siewert, is excited to see his business doing so well after growing from a wholesale bread bakery he started with his wife in 2002. When he was approached by a realtor to expand his business to downtown Chico, Siewert decided to take the next step and says business has been great ever since. He also says he is looking forward to people seeing the article. "It creates so much energy. When people see an article like that they come in, they get excited for us. It really invigorates the staff to do better, it creates a competitive atmosphere with other bakeries in the region, it makes them want to do a better at their job. It's just a lot of fun.", said Brandon Siewert. The western lifestyle magazine will also feature other aspects of Chico in the article, which is said to focus on fall colors and places to visit when taking a day trip to the area. The article in Sunset Magazine is scheduled to be released in the October issue for 2011.


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