Sunny, Cold, & Breezy Conditions Ahead For Christmas Day

Dec 25, 2014 9:17 AM by Cort Klopping

Sunny, cold, and breezy weather is ahead for your Christmas Day forecast. Temperatures are starting out in the mid 30's to low 40's for the valley, low to mid 20's in the Northern Sierra, and mid to high 20's in the Northern Mountains. Afternoon high temperatures are projected to climb into the mid 50's for the valley, mid 30's to low 40's for the Northern Sierra, and high 30's to high 40's in the Northern Mountains. Winds will pick up, and are expected to gust to 25mph out of the North. Sustained winds will range between 10 to 15pmh out of the North. Some thin clouds have lingered across the region overnight, but clearing skies are ahead for Christmas day.

Dry weather, and cold temperatures will continue through your weekend forecast, with the chance for valley fog this weekend. You may need to keep those ice scrapers handy over the next few days, as frost does seem likely on Friday morning. I Hope everyone has a great Christmas, and a great Thursday! Please be safe if you're hitting the roads today.


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