Subway Scholar Athlete of the Week - Michael Briscoe

Feb 26, 2015 6:06 PM by Ross Field

Over the past couple years, Pleasant Valley's Michael Briscoe has been the face of the Vikings' wrestling program. He's proven to be one of the best wrestlers in the state at 128-pounds and he also secures high marks in the classroom. Action News Now's Ross Field filed this report.

Michael Briscoe loves the challenging demands of wrestling.

"It's very physically demanding, you're never 100 percent. If you want to be a great wrestler you have to put the time in, you can't just show up, you need to try your hardest," said Briscoe.

Not only does Briscoe try, he succeeds. He qualified for the state tournament last year and has more than 100 career wins.

"When I'm in a match I don't really think about anything else besides being in the moment. I just do whatever I can, try not to give up any take-downs and do whatever it takes to win," said Briscoe.

That's an attitude that has helped Micahel on and off the mat. He's a three-time captain and 4.4 student. So how does he balance it all? Through the disciplines he's learned from his favorite sport.

"Honestly, wrestling helps with that because if you can endure the wrestling you can just do what it takes to do the stuff outside of the mat room. Everyday is a little bit different but you have to always have your priorities straight. If you have homework just do it if it's what you have to do," said Briscoe.

When it comes to his future, Briscoe has always been ambitious. He signed with Colorado School of Mines to continue his academic and athletic career.

"I'm going to major in mechanical engineering with a minor in biomedical engineering. I want to make prosthetics and just help people out," said Briscoe.

And whether he's on or off the mat, Michael will always be a wrestler at heart.

"If something is hard I'll think about what I went through, all the years of wrestling, labout what kind of person that has turned me into. You just always need to try your hardest," said Briscoe.

He's Pleasant Valley High School's Michael Briscoe, our Subway Scholar Athlete of the Week.

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