Subway Scholar Athlete of the Week - Matthew Reese

Feb 19, 2014 8:06 PM

What a season it's been for Providence Christian High's Matthew Reese.

He leads the northern section in scoring with more than 26-points-per-game and he's poured in more than 30-points in six games this season, including a season high 56-point outburst against CORE Butte

But Reese isn't just a star on the court.

For Matthew Reese, nothing feels more natural to him than the game of basketball....

"I've been playing it since I was a little kid. I mighthaveplayed other sports too, but this one has come most natural, I'm the best at it, I just love it," said Reese.

The single season scoring leader at Providence Christian High prides himself on his ability to get to the basket.

"I like to drive, maybe pull up for the jumper a few times, but mostly get down inside, try and go for the foul and get to the line because that's what I'm pretty good at," said Reese.

But Reese says he'd trade in his personal success for more team success any day of the week.

Providence Christian is a small school, consisting of only 21 students.

All but two boys play basketball, something that helps explain why the team is just 5-and-11 despite Reese's solid season.

"We play as hard as we can all the time, every game, it'd be nice to get a few more wins but that's just how it is," said Reese

This selfless leader and elite athlete is also an elite student, carrying a 3.8 GPA. Just like in basketball, he leads by example in the classroom.

"You just go to work hard at what you do, keep your grades up so you can get into a better college," said Reese.

Next year, Reese wants to continue playing in college, but he's wise beyond his years and realizes that basketball might not always be there. If that's the case, he'll have something else to look forward too, a good job, because this young man is trying to get the most out of his education.


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