Subway Scholar Athlete of the Week - Haley Mt. Joy

Mar 26, 2014 7:24 PM

Our latest Subway Scholar Athlete of the Week may be an inexperienced varsity softball player, but that hasn't stopped the Pleasant Valley High sophomore from starting the season on fire and displaying skills that make her a leader, both on and off the diamond.

"I really work hard trying to get a line drive up the middle. I try to hit it square and solid, and try to help the team win the game," said Haley Mt. Joy.

When Haley Mt. Joy straps on the batting gloves she means business.

The Pleasant Valley softball sophomore is hitting her first full season for the Vikings varsity squad and she's showing she belongs on that level.

Through five games (four wins), Mt. Joy carries a batting average of .722, with one home-run and eleven runs scored.

She's the type of player who sets an example for others to follow, by rolling up her sleeves and getting down and dirty.

This shortstop lets her play speak for itself.

"When I play softball nothing else matters, it's just me out there playing the game I love," said Mt. Joy. "Even though I'm young, I know I can lead the team. I just want to fill that position and be the player that they can trust."

Haley gobbles up success off the diamond as well, carrying a 3.8 GPA.

She stays on top of her studies by following a specific routine.

"After school I come home straight from practice and go straight to my room and start my homework, I'll take a break for dinner, but then I come back and do more homework. I try to get ahead in all my classes," said Mt. Joy.

A solid plan of attack based on discipline, and as Mt. Joy continues to grow, expect her to take the local softball scene by storm..

After all, she's already doing so as a sophomore.


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