Subway Scholar Athlete of the Week - Erin Clendenen

Oct 2, 2014 7:43 PM by Ross Field

Our latest Subway Scholar Athlete of the Week is an emerging star in the rodeo arena.

She shines in the classroom as well, carrying a 4.0 GPA while balancing a very busy schedule.

It's just a typical day in the life of West Valley High's Erin Clendenen.

First school, then time to study.

She seems typical until she gets home.

When you were little you might've wanted a horse. Well Erin actually got one.

"I started riding before I could remember," said Clendenen.

Her mother Kelly says Erin was never really afraid of the big animals either.

"If she ever was, I sure can't remember when. She's always been very aggressive with horses."

Erin's parents, Kelly and Woody, have been competing in the rodeo since Erin was little and she followed right along. Now, she's taken the lead.

Erin is one of twelve to qualify for the California Cowboys Pro Rodeo Association Finals this weekend at the Rolling Hills Equestian Center in Corning.

Erin is in 5th place and the 16-year-old will win Rookie of the Year in barrel racing.

She competes in breakaway roping and pole bending as well.

"I love it a lot, I pretty much spend all of my time doing stuff with rodeo," said Clendenen.

Stuff she couldn't do without her trusty sidekick.

"My horse's name is Seena, she's 14, I've had her for about a year now and good chemistry with your horse is definitely a big part of it. I've been on several different horses and she's the first one that I've actually clicked with," said Clendenen.

On top of her rodeo success, Erin ropes in a 4.0 GPA. She's also an FFA Chapter Officer and on the West Valley High varsity softball team.

"You definitely have to have pretty good time management to fit everything in," said Clendenen.

With that being said there really is nothing all that typical about our Subway Scholar Athlete of the Week, Erin Clendenen.


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