Subway Scholar Athlete of the Week - Emily Bailey

Nov 20, 2013 7:45 PM

Our latest Subway Scholar Athlete of the Week is a young lady of many talents for the Los Molinos volleyball team.

Emily Bailey does it all, from spiking to serving and everything in between, all while leading the Bulldogs to a record-setting season.

When it comes to volleyball, Emily Bailey is as versatile as it gets.

This season, the third-year varsity player has racked up 320 kills, 448 digs, 42 aces and 26 blocks.

"She's a great defensive player and she's a great passer," said Chas Konopka, head coach of the Bulldogs.

"I can do whatever 'Coach K' needs me to do," said Bailey.

"She just does the intangibles and I think that's why she's a great player and been really valuable," added Konopka.

Bailey's value is enhanced by her ability to lead.

"I do take a lot of pride in being a Captain and a leader. This is my team and I love my team," said Bailey.

"She does all the little things. She's one of the players that plays club ball in the offseason, she's one of the players that when the ball rolls to the wall and everyone's doing a cheer, she's the one that always goes and gets it. She's not very vocal but she leads by example. She plays hard and she's super dedicated to the sport and as a coach that's what you look for in a player," said Konopka.

Bailey's dedication has helped the Bulldogs to an unforgettable season.

They've already set a school record with 37 wins, and if they can get two more victories, then they'll capture a Section Title, which would be the first ever in the program's history.

"It would mean a lot, being the first team to get it in volleyball would be really exciting," said Bailey.

"If we got to hold that trophy, I think it would just be very meaningful just because of the work and dedication that we've put into this year," added Konopka.

It's not only on the court where Emily's hard work pays off, she's a good student as well, carrying a 3.6 GPA.

In her spare time she provides a valuable service for her coach.

"She watches my girls, she's a babysitter for us and she's like a second-daughter to me," said Konopka.

So, for her responsibility and dedication to succeed in both school and sports, Emily Bailey is our Subway Scholar Athlete of the Week.


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