Subway Scholar Athlete of the Week - Delanie Little

May 7, 2014 8:05 PM

Delanie Little has been a leader in every sense of the word for the Biggs High School softball team, both on and off the diamond.

For Biggs High's Delanie Little, softball and family go hand in hand.

"I love it a lot, it's very important," said Little. "My little sisters play, my dad coach's and catches me and my mom is the cheerleader in the stands," said Little.

It's a sport that's always been there for her throughout a life that's thrown some curveballs her way.

In the past eight years, the Little's have moved from Biggs, to Georgia, to Sacramento, to Monterey and back to Biggs, an experience that's forced Delanie to grow up fast.

"A lot of kids haven't seen as much as I have, or gone as many places," said Little. "Doing something that big when you are so young, it makes you grow up a little bit."

That maturity is on display in the way Delanie carries herself both on and off the diamond.

As the Wolverines leader and No.1 pitcher, Little comes big, as she's struck out 89 batters in 77 innings while holding opponents to a batting average of .222.

But Delanie's not just powerful on the diamond, as she also balances softball with challenging schoolwork, including AP courses, and has a 4.3 GPA to show for it, ranking her at the top of the class.

"That to me is much more important than sports itself, because your grades are what's going to get you somewhere, you're going to go to college, get a job, have a family, you have to be productive in society," said Little.

With that kind of outlook and focus, it's no surprise that the future for this family first softball star is shaping up to be successful and it's hard to believe she's just a junior.

Biggs High's Delanie Little is our Subway Scholar Athlete of the Week.


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