Subway Scholar Athlete of the Week - Daisy Brose

Feb 13, 2015 7:21 PM by Ross Field

Our latest Subway Scholar Athlete likes to hit the books as much as she likes to knock down jump-shots for Red Bluff High School. The big difference now is her game on the court has caught up to her effort in the classroom. Action News Now's Ross Field filed this report.

"My first two years playing basketball I was more defensive," said Daisy Brose. "Defense was my thing."

That was then, and this is now.

"I've had the best time playing basketball of my life. To be able to do this has been amazing," said Brose.

Red Bluff High School senior Daisy Brose is long removed from the basketball player she once was.

Through hard work and determination, she's transformed into one of the most prolific scorers on the court, averaging more than 15 points-per-game for the 13-11 Spartans.

But it's what she's done recently that's most impressive. In the past four games, Brose has scored 94 total points, including a career-high of 37 in a victory over Foothill on Tuesday.

"I've really grown into myself and realized that I need to start contributing in that aspect and just do stuff for my team that I couldn't do before," said Brose.

Brose tries to bring a similar outlook to the classroom, where she says studying always takes priority over sport. She carries a 3.5 GPA despite taking 2 AP courses.

"Grades always come first so I'm always doing homework before anything staying on top of it my parents have really pushed me to strive for good grades and to always be on top of things," added Brose.

Brose hopes her hard work hitting the books and knocking down jump shots will take her to Humboldt State on a scholarship. She plans on studying kinesiology, but in the meantime she's thinking about capturing a section title.

"We just need to grow as a team, continue to have the chemistry that we do have, and just meet our goal of winning a section title," said Brose.

Red Bluff's Daisy Brose is our Subway Scholar Athlete of the Week

(Photo Credit: Studio 530 Photography)


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