Subway Scholar Athlete of the Week - Cassady King

Oct 23, 2014 8:17 PM by Ross Field

Very few high school football programs in the Northern Section are better than Sutter.

Since 2007, they're 78-15 with three section titles.

But this year's pack of Huskies seeks more than just success on the field.

"It's pretty cool, we got a big family and if you don't get good grades, you can't play football," said Cassady King, a standout linebacker and defensive end. "If we all need tutors or anything, we all help each other figure out what we need to work on. I want to be successful in life, I want to go places, if you don't have the grades, it makes it harder to get into a good college."

Cassady King carries a 4.2 weighted GPA while taking four AP courses. His favorite subject is biology, something he can relate to football.

"On the football field you have to know how the whole team works, what every position does. If you don't know what everyone does, they mess up, nothing really works right, it's kind of like the human body, if something goes wrong, then everything is out of whack," said King.

But for King and the Sutter defense, being out of whack is rare.

In the past five games, they've allowed a total of just six points and King leads the team in sacks with 6-and-a-half.

"Everyone's got your back, you know you got people playing behind you right next to you, this in one of the best defenses I've ever played on," added King.

A big reason why the Huskies are 7-0 and eyeing a deep run in the playoffs.

"Hopefully we'll make it to that state championship," said King.

He's Cassady King, an all-around competitor and our Subway Scholar Athlete of the Week.


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