Subway Scholar Athlete of the Week - Brett Cloney

Dec 11, 2013 8:29 PM

The Foothill High boys basketball team started the season by capturing the Harlan Carter championship.

One senior played a big role in the team's success.

You could say he's right on point on and off the court.

"I think this year I'm a lot more focused, I've put on a lot more muscle, I'm quicker, I'm making better decisions and I'm much more of a leader," said Brett Cloney.

Just like that Brett Cloney shows why he's such a force for Foothill.

This past week Cloney and the Cougars set out to capture the Harlan Carter championship and three games later, they had their paws on the prize.

"Being able to start 3-and-0 is really big for us," said Cloney.

Cloney won presitigious tourney's MVP honor, which he says is special, but no so much a personal award.

"I couldn't have done it without my teammates. I pride myself in trying to be a pass-first kind've point guard so if I have to score, I can score, but I like distributing the ball as well and my teammates knocked down open shots," said Cloney.

It's that type of unselfish attitude that makes Cloney a true point guard.

He's a leader in every sense of the word, something that translates to the classroom where he boasts a 4.0 GPA.

"I think the way you act in the classroom will lead to the way you act on the floor so I take a lot of pride in my grades and stuff like that, said Cloney. "Basketball definitely means a lot to me, I'm only a one sport athlete so I'll spend hours a day getting shots up, shooting after practice, stuff like that. I think the thing that makes it mean the most to me is that I feel like I could get money towards an education after high school for that so that's one of my biggest goals."

Wherever he ends up, Cloney's work ethic and maturity will help him stand out.

It's those qualities that have already have him a step ahead of others on the basketball court and in the game of life.

Brett Cloney is our Subway Scholar Athlete of the Week.


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