Subway Gets a Touch Screen

Sep 20, 2010 7:47 PM

Standing in line can now be a thing of the past at the Paradise Subway on Pearson road. The sandwich shop has installed a touch screen in it's drive-thru that allows customers to build their own sandwich with a few flicks of their fingers. "On the touch screen you kind of get to view everything with pictures of everything and you can decide from there where you want to go with it" said assistant manager Naomi Vallejos.
The store is corporately run, but independently owned, and that owner took it upon himself to install the touch screen for his customers convenience. This subway is now the only one in California with a drive-thru and touch screen option and so far customers seem to love it. "I think I've come here almost every week since they've put in in" said customer Hannah Booth. Another customer Ashton Rank adds "I love it, it's very easy to figure out".
And while avoiding long lines inside and not having to leave your car are great benefits, many feel that having a quicker and healthier meal option may be the greatest reward. Burgers at drive-thrus have been around for years, but now many are happy to order a healthier choice from the comfort of their car. "I work at McDonalds, and it's nice to go through a drive-thru that's not as greasy" said Booth. Rank added "It's nice that this healthy place is kind of like a fast food place... You can get your stuff quickly".
The touch screen has been up since late July, and after working out a few kinks the added technology is already proving it's weight in gold. Employees say they are now able to serve nearly double the customers during peek hours.


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