Students Release Trout into Feather River

Mar 22, 2013 12:55 AM

Students from Oakdale Heights Elementary got out of the classroom and onto the river for a real life science lesson.

The kids from Ms. Huru's class spent the last three weeks learning about Steelhead Trout by raising them from eggs.

Today was graduation day for the fish. The kids released them into the Feather River.

The moment was bittersweet for the students, while they were proud of their accomplishment, they were also sorry to see their finned friends swim away.

"It was kind of sad but you have to do what you have to do," said student, Carlos Ramirez. "You can't just keep a fish forever. It wants to see the world."

Their teacher, Ms. Huru says interactive lessons like this are the best way to get kids involved in the learning process. "They want to find out what lives here and how does the food chain work because they're good friends with the salmon now, the Steelhead and the Chinook."

This was the second set of fish ms. Huru's class raised. Earlier this year the kids raised and released Chinook Salmon in the same area.


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