Students Occupy Chico State

Nov 30, 2011 7:48 PM

A group of students plan on holding a protest tomorrow on campus to occupy Chico State, and speak out against recent rising tuition costs. After California State University Trustees voted to increase tuition nine percent less than two weeks ago, students around the state have been outraged, and now Chico State Students are making their voices heard. Students are planning to occupy Chico State tomorrow starting with a rally in the free speech area.
Students will then head to Kendall Hall to occupy the building and protest the recent approval of tuition fee increases. Participants are confident the protest will not have results that were seen on the UC Davis campus where demonstrators were pepper sprayed by officers. "Those protesters turned violent because of the police and because of the way their administration handled it. I'm confident in our administration to handle this properly and to work with us to reach progress instead of against us", said Chico State student Mitchel Davidovitz.
Students will begin the occupation of Kendall Hall starting at 3:30 tomorrow afternoon, and a general assembly will be held there starting at six. Students are inviting the community to join them for the movement.


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