Students leave college, trash

May 29, 2014 7:19 PM

When Chico State University students leave for the semester, they leave behind a lot of trash.

So much trash and trash that’s so big city workers need massive equipment remove it from the streets.

And for the past two Thursdays, city cleanup crews have been scouring the streets near campus and removing a wide variety of things.

Kevin Curl has worked for the City of Chico for the past 26 years and has worked this cleanup program for the past decade. And this year, he's seen a lot of trash set on fire

“This year there’s been more burnt couches and beds,” the City of Chico senior maintenance said.

And Chico State student Brad Perin has noticed the same thing.

“I was just down Hazel St. and there was a bunch of wood being burned last night,” he said. "We saw the fire fighters come and they put it out and you can tell it’s just a hassle for them and it’s just dangerous for everyone.”

And now entering his junior year of college, Perin plans to properly clean up his mess after he graduates.

“I’m definitely not just going to throw it on the sides or throw it in alleys,” he said. “I’ll definitely take care of it--either take it back home or throw it away the responsible way.”

While this project is a lot of work it does not cost the city a lot of money.

The city has partnered with the county who has waived dump fees and other organizations have donated waste haulers.


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