Students at Richfield School Make Safety a #1 Priority

Mar 7, 2011 8:56 PM

"It's just fun for me and my friends, so none of the kids will get hurt." Christian Linze and three of his classmates are the proud new members of the student safety patrol program at Richfield School in Corning.

The program began in february when their teacher Mrs. Cindy Fralin asked her students what they could do to make their school safer.. Mrs. Fralin says, "We've had issues with kids moving from their classrooms to the bus and the pick up center after school." Christopher Rosero, a safety patrol officer says, "It kind of started because the kids were running a lot. We had an incident where one kid tripped.."

The four 7th graders, meet the students, kindergarten through third grade, at the school's primary area. From there each safety patrol student is responsible for one of the grades, walking them out to get picked up after school. Christian Briceno, a safety patrol officer says, "I like to help the kids stay in line and if they need. If they're running I tell them don't run."

Teachers, staff, and the bus driver, are all very supportive of the new program. Saying that the after school process has been much easier. Mrs. Fralin says, "I've heard a lot from teachers, our bus driver, and administrators that things are just much more calm after school." Rochelle Provost, a parent of a Richfield School student says, "I think it's a lot safer for the kids to get on the busses."


nd all four of the safety patrol students say it makes them feel important knowing that they're keeping their school safe. Christian L. says, "So none of the kids get hurt. So they can go home safely. Tim Ramirez says, "So we can keep our school safe."


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