Students And Teachers Fight To Keep Their School

Mar 21, 2013 7:31 PM

It's a proposal that's gaining traction with legislators, but not educators. Governor Jerry Brown recently proposed closing down adult educational facilities, and shifting their funding to community colleges. It's a move Oroville Adult School Principal Jeff Ochs says will hurt his students. "What that would do is limit the amount of students that would be able to get their high school diploma, other training programs, our immigrant students who come in, learn English as a second language."

Teachers we caught up with, like Jason Huston, say they don't believe Community Colleges could offer the support these students need. "The Oroville Adult School is more of a personalized approach to education. It's more of a one on one approach with the student."

Students agree, and say they're afraid a community college wouldn't be able to offer them the resources they need. "They stay extra hours if they need to," according to student Courtney Fulton. "They just give you the extra time that you wouldn't get at a regular college, so you just kind of fall through the cracks." Brianna Leonard added "maybe they already got their GED, but want to go that extra step, and get that high school diploma, where as, at community colleges as of now, they're not offering that program."

Principal Ochs told Action News shifting the funding from over 300 adult educational programs, and giving it to the 72 community college districts would make the services less available to the masses who need them. "We're basically a neighborhood school. People can ride the bus here, and get their high school diploma that they need, or training program, or community educational programs, that wouldn't necessarily be offered at Butte College."

Huston told our crews, he believes the school can help these students hit the ground running in the real world better than anyone. "It's a lot more expeditive as far as going through the programs, and achieving these goals quicker, to get out into the community, and make a difference."


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