Student Transfer Bill

Oct 1, 2010 7:42 PM

One Butte College student, Garrett Miller says, "it is nice knowing that I have the option of going to a CSU." Jessica Lutz, another student says, "it means I'll probably get a better job because they look at the school you go to anyways."

Butte College students are excited about the new bill passed wednesday which will take effect in Fall of 2011. Governor Schwarzenegger signed SB1440, which will increase access to the California State University system. This will ensure community college students a permanent spot in a CSU upon completion of an AA degree.

Butte College Vice President, Ken Meier states, "for years we've worked hard in cooperation with the university to have a strong transfer articulation system, but this will take us to the next stage." Meier says that most transfer students today graduate with 38 more units than they need. With this new bill, Butte College will have students enrolling in 35 units of general education and 18 units of "major" course work.

"Another 44,000 students a year will be better served in the Community Colleges. Another 15,000 students will be accommodated at CSU's" says Meier. While this bill sounds great for California community colleges, there was some fear it was going to squeeze out the students already in the CSU system.

Chico State Admissions Director, Allan Bee says, absolutely not. "Very much more efficient for students to get their transfer AA or AS degree, transfer to the CSU, get their BA or BS degree, in a shorter amount of time, thereby creating more space both at Community Colleges and California State University's for more students to enroll."

The state looks to save about a million dollars a year due to this bill. While students will save a lot of time when it comes to getting a degree and getting out into the workforce.

Meier says, "we're very, very optimistic now that we're going to have a critical tool to ensure students success in California."


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