Student Housing Rental Woes

Aug 12, 2013 5:49 PM

Finding housing in Chico during this time of year can be a struggle.

“They’re knocking down our doors trying to find those places,” said Dan Herbert, president of Sheraton Property Management.

Herbert has worked in the housing rental industry for the past 14 years; and each year it’s always the same situation for renters.

“It never changes that the best properties get leased in spring,” he said. “We’re seeing the last-minute surge of students coming up that didn't take care of their housing needs before they left for summer.”

But business is not the same for every landlord in Chico. Barry Rose has owned a five-bedroom, three-bathroom house on the corner of Warner and West Sacramento since 2006. A few hundred yards from Chico State, Rose has never experienced problems renting the property until now.

“There seems to be some things happening in this area that aren't making it easy for us to rent,” he said. “Certainly there’s been petty crimes and property damage throughout the area that have been troublesome for us.”

In response, Rose is now landscaping his property to increase curb appeal and hopefully attract new tenants.

“Emotionally it's a little stressful for a property owner to have a piece of property that isn't renting,” he said. “And you know it's a great location and a great spot and certainly a great school where people can get a great education.”


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