Student, 14, facing felony charges for distributing oxycodone to other students at junior high

May 17, 2016 5:55 AM by News Staff

A 14-year-old is facing felony charges and at least five other facing discipline from the school.

Chico Junior High School where last Friday, a student brought prescription oxycodone to campus and handed pills out to at least 5 other students.

Two students needed medical attention after taking the highly potent medication, one was taken to the hospital by ambulance... both have been released and are not reported to have any long-standing injuries.

They are, however, planning to take disciplinary action against all those involved Principal Pedro Caldera said he's never seen anything like this at Chico Junior High, but local addiction specialists say it's all too common for drug abuse to start in the early teen years.

The suspect was taken to the butte county juvenile detention facility, Chico Police say if he or she is convicted, the student will go through the juvenile court system but they'll have the help of the probation department working with his or her family to prevent anything like this from happening again.


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